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Marcus Keys

Born and raised in San Diego CA, I have always been drawn to magic and keys. I would find stones and plants and would try to talk to them. I do my best every day to honor my ancestors, teachers, and myself from the places I've been in my life.

As a professional Tarot Reader and  Spirit Worker,  I have been providing magical and spiritual services for more than a decade. I have presented Key Magic and other various topics on the work I do which is always growing with my education and the connections to teachers and other workers I meet. 

Currently, I am a dedicate student of Tommie Starchild in the Hell's Mare branch of the Elenkin line of Anderson Feri Witchcraft.  

What is Spirit Work 

The work that I bring to others and develop is rooted in folk practices and modern witchcraft. These practices are alive and still worked with newer generations being grated access or passed along with the rise of social media and access to teachers with knowledge. The power behind these practices came from our ancestors; hard-working people who had deeper understandings and connections with God, the earth, and the world of unseen spirits. 

The tools I work with when with a client are oracle tools such as tarot cards, a box of old keys, herbs and roots which are cleansed and conjured to bring their spirit forward, and my own connection with my ancestors and spirit guides.  I have been in this business for more than a decade and the people that come to me ask similar questions related to a disconnection with what they think their life road is meant to be filled with. I read a person's life where they are in the moment, I do not read into someone's future but encourage you to live your life to the fullest. 

I help give you the keys to help you unshackle yourself from past events, and help root in you where you can go and grow. 

My previous and current work

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