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Frequently Asked Questions

An ongoing series of informational entries

How do I book a reading?

All readings are by appointment only. I will not read you on demand. Please give me 24 hours to respond to your booking to schedule your session. Once payment is received, I will send an invitation​ to join me digitally. I live in California so please let me know what time zone you live in as well. A session with me is $80 for up to an hour for my time, expertise, energy, and magic. 

How do you do your readings?

All reading sessions with a client come in two parts. The first part is with reading the keys I have that show where you are currently, like a map pointing the direction where your spirit is going. After that, I draw my tarot cards to see the solutions that can come up to change the energy of your situation. Together we will come up with a ritual, charm, spell to work, and more for you to unlock the magic you're needing.

What is in your candles?

All candles are hand-poured soy wax which may be colored to match the intention you're wishing to manifest. Magical condition oils are added to help burn the intention along with your spell. Other herbs, roots, and sometimes stones will be added according to the spell that is made for the candle. My candles don't have a big fragrance that you'll smell...I'm not like Bath and Bodyworks...the oil and herbs is to help amplify the spell, adding power from their spirit.

Can you teach me Witchcraft?

Currently, I am not in the place to be a teacher of my craft or tradition which I am studying. What I can do is offer consultation on the spell work and methods you are using for magic. You can book a consultation here depending on your need and experience. I want to be there for you to make your spellwork a success. 

Why do you charge for what you do?

.If I was in this for the money, you wouldn't be reading this sentence. My services and style have grown over the last decade along with the culture and magic of the people. The cost is to help pay for things like this website, zoom account, business cards, shipping and packaging, candle wax, herbs, bottles, keys, old keys that cost more money, and even the consultations I need to acquire the items I need from other vendors and people in the industry. I'm not a rich witch, I just keep up with the flow of prosperity. 

How do I know it works?

When buying a candle, key, mojo bag, or doll, I send you instructions on how to use the item and the spell for you to cast. I use plain language and details for anyone to follow. I only give you the tools, the results depend on the energy and will of the one who cast the spell. 

If I am the one doing the work, such as my Altar Service, I send you updates on the spell depending on how fast things are burning. Along with your updates, you will receive either photos or videos to give proof of the work being done. Some work may have to be done over a period of 7 days to ensure the energy for the client. 

*All results vary and are not a guarantee. 

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