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My Work

Readings and Spirit Work

A reading with me consists of consulting my oracles such as keys, stones, bones, speaking with my spirits, and of course, consulting tarot cards. Each session is about 30-45 minutes, depending on what the spirits are wanting to discuss. Notes are taken for you to remember, I also allow recording to happen if needed. You may also be prescribed a working with stones, candles, spiritual baths, etc, to change the flow of energy. 

Services I will not do

There is a lot of misrepresentations of spiritual practices and folks who act as priest and advisor. I have over a decade of experience working with people and their concerns, but there are things I will not do. Below are the conditions I will not work for someone:

Getting you rich

I do not generate lotto numbers or see which stocks you should buy or sell, there are other people out there who can do that. Prosperity and money are for you to grow on your own. I can help you learn to detangle the influence of poverty and grow your own prosperity, but I am not a lucky buddha! 

Making someone love you

As popular as the topic is, I can not force someone to love you or match you with a person who is not in your reality. Love is a serious topic which is fantasized heavily and ultimately turns into control and abuse if not careful. We can help heal past wounds together & draw love and more, but I am not a matchmaker. 

Harming others

I have been asked time and time again, but I do not get into the business of causing harm to someone I do not know.  When you get into that flow of harming and doing baneful work, it sticks to you. I will not hurt someone, their pets, children, or partners. If you're looking to do so, do not contact me. 

Healing Illnesses

I may advise you to use herbs and roots, maybe even stones, but I am not a medical doctor and can not cure physical or psychological illnesses. There are some things cause by a spiritual matter, but I will only work on that level and add preventative methods. If you are needing the help of a medical doctor, there are resources I can help you access.


All products and services have no claim to their effect. They are sold as curios and made for the energetic value of their use. Please use common sense when making decisions regarding your well being. 

-Marcus Keys

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