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These are claims from clients who have been through my services. 


Wanna give a shout out to one of my psychic/witchy/occult friends Marcus. I first met him in 2007 with another friend when he was first doing tarot readings at The Living Room (RIP) and he's only gotten more awesome since! I am super into his use of keys for divination, btw... my fav part for sure!!

If you're hankering for a legit reading (over Zoom no less), I definitely recommend checking him out!!


I met Marcus 7 months ago after failing to resolve family and work issues with a therapist. in one hour, he helped me 'see' how old baggage was really affecting my life now. Three things he saw in the keys came to fruition and the healing and protection prayers help move the negativity out of my life, bringing back the light and regaining my power. The second reading was much different and better! One item he saw in the keys came to fruition with my youngest child within days. I highly recommend a reading with Marcus if you struggle with issues you can't let go of. 


I bought a fixed yellow attraction candle from a San Diego shop location. I had a petition Iw as making for the Taurus New Moon in April. I didn't have the resources to fix my own, so I bought one of Marcus'. My petition was that I wanted something to manifest within 30 days or less for something that usually takes 90. I officially submitted my request for this at the beginning of the month and within 20 days, I got what I petitioned for with his candle! 


I've been following Marcus for months on Instagram and his work always spoke to me. He seems like such a sweet and caring person. I could feel his energy through the pictures he posted. He seemed very knowledgeable and adept in his workings and I knew I had to get in on his monthly Full Moon service. My husband has been looking for a good job for about two years now and, I kid you not, he got his dream the day after Marcus performed his service for us. We were both completely blown away! I would highly recommend Marcus for any service, This guy is pure magick! 


I recently purchased 2 mojo bags from Marcus. Since I'm familiar with conjure and hoodoo, I knew Marcus was able to manifest what I was needing. He gave me great instructions for the care of them and reminded me to also put in my own magic as well. I was able to manifest my goals shortly after working with them and would definitely recommend getting you a mojo to work your mojo. 

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